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Worry free service plans for your Volvo

Volvo Service Plans are a simple, efficient way to ensure you’re getting the most out your vehicle. Our service plans include comprehensive, scheduled servicing via your authorised Volvo Service Centre. Options include:

- The first 3 years or 45,000kms (whichever occurs first)

- The first 5 years or 75,000kms (whichever occurs first)

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is being maintained to the highest of standards by factory trained technicians using only Volvo Genuine Parts.





When you have your car serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer, we make a pledge to you.

3 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $1750 RRP (inc GST)
5 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $3000 RRP (inc GST)



When you have your car serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer, we make a pledge to you.

3 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $1750 RRP (inc GST)
5 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $3000 RRP (inc GST)



When you have your car serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer, we make a pledge to you.

3 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $1750 RRP (inc GST)
5 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $3000 RRP (inc GST)




V60 Cross Country

When you have your car serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer, we make a pledge to you.

3 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $1750 RRP (inc GST)
5 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $3000 RRP (inc GST)





When you have your car serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer, we make a pledge to you.

3 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $1750 RRP (inc GST)
5 Year Volvo Genuine Service Plan $3000 RRP (inc GST)

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Volvo Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This document sets out the terms and conditions relating to the purchase of a Volvo Service Plan (Volvo Service Plan).

Volvo Service Plan is provided by Volvo Car Australia Pty Ltd ABN: 18 004 830 611 (Volvo).

Volvo Service Plan may be purchased from participating Australian Volvo dealers (Participating Volvo Dealers) for eligible Volvo vehicles up to 12 months from the first date of vehicle registration in Australia (or, in the case of an unregistered vehicle, up to 12 months from the date of delivery to the first purchaser), subject always to the relevant vehicle not having had its first service performed at the first service interval identified on the Volvo Service Plan Certificate (VSP Certificate).

Volvo Service Plan applies only in respect of the vehicle identified on the VSP Certificate issued at the point of sale of Volvo Service Plan (the Vehicle). Volvo Service Plan is only transferable upon the private sale of the Vehicle. A Vehicle’s entitlement to Volvo Service Plan will be recorded in Volvo’s electronic files relating to the Vehicle.

In circumstances where a Volvo Service Plan has been validly purchased (Original Service Plan), then it may be possible for you to later purchase a “top up plan” (if such top up plan has been made available by Volvo) for such service intervals determined by Volvo that are subsequent to the service intervals covered by the Original Service Plan (Top Up Plan).

You may be denied the right to purchase a Top Up Plan where you have not complied with the terms and conditions governing the Original Service Plan. Further, you will not be able to purchase a Top Up Plan where the Vehicle has already been serviced at a service interval that would be covered by the Top Up Plan.

For the avoidance of doubt, a Top Up Plan is a Volvo Service Plan for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Eligibility period

Volvo’s obligations under Volvo Service Plan commence on the date set out in the VSP Certificate for the Vehicle and shall continue until the closing date or closing kilometres, whichever occurs first, as specified on the VSP Certificate for the Vehicle (Eligibility Period).

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Eligibility Period commences as follows:

(a) from the date the Vehicle was first registered in Australia; or

(b) in circumstances where a Top Up Plan has been purchased as contemplated by section 1 above, from the expiry of the Eligibility Period of the Original Service Plan until the time of the final Service Interval depicted on the VSP Certificate for the Top Up Plan.

Your right to redeem Volvo Service Plan cover for the Vehicle expires immediately upon expiry of the Eligibility Period.

Refunds are under no circumstances payable in the case that you do not redeem Volvo Service Plan within the Eligibility Period or where you are unable to redeem the Volvo Service Plan cover for the Vehicle for any reason, including (without limitation) in circumstances where the Vehicle is damaged beyond repair during the Eligibility Period.

3. Coverage – inclusions

At the service intervals indicated on the VSP Certificate (Service Intervals), you will be entitled to arrange for a Participating Volvo Dealer to carry out the following scheduled service work in relation to the Vehicle during the Eligibility Period:

(a) the service work set out in the VSP Certificate for each of the Service Intervals, including the supply or replacement of necessary parts and lubricants; and

(b) such preventable treatment as Volvo considers necessary.

The cost of parts and labour for all recommended oil services and inspections as set out in the VSP Certificate are covered.

Specifically, the following items are included within Volvo Service Plan at each Service Interval:

  • computer systems - carry out fault memory check using Volvo’s diagnostic system(s);
  • oil change service including oil, parts and labour;
  • service display – reset service indicators;
  • performance of required software updates;
  • performance of any service enhancement actions;
  • check operation of all exterior lights for correct operation;
  • carry out visual check of all brake components;
  • check all interior, instrument and warning lamps for correct operation;
  • check windscreen wiper blades for damage;
  • check condition of all tyres, check tread depth, tyre pressures and adjust if required;
  • carry out visual check of engine compartment;
  • carry out under-body visual inspection for any damage;
  • check all components for oil and fluid leaks;
  • clean inside of windscreen in front of collision warning camera if fitted
  • check function and condition of seat belts
  • front suspension and steering check for wear
  • rear suspension check for wear
  • carry out quality check and road test; and
  • such other work/items/checks as may be set out in the VSP Certificate in respect of each Service Interval.

Volvo’s obligations under Volvo Service Plan are conditional upon the maintenance by you of an accurate record of the distance travelled by the Vehicle and production of such record to Volvo when required.

Any labour, items and servicing additional to that referred to above will not be covered in Volvo Service Plan.

4. Coverage – exclusions

Volvo Service Plan does not include:

  • repairs resulting from normal wear and tear to the Vehicle;
  • replacement of brake pads and discs;
  • replacement of windshield wiper rubbers;
  • tyre replacement or puncture repairs;
  • repairs necessary due to damaged glass, panels, paintwork, including rust or corrosion;
  • navigation system updates;
  • repairs by persons other than an authorised Volvo dealer;
  • effecting or repairing alterations or modifications to the Vehicle;
  • work necessary due to negligence, misuse or abuse, accidental or intentional damage, mis-fuelling, cigarette or food/drink related damage, water entry, or exceeding any of the manufacturer’s specified maximum speeds, revolutions or load capacities;
  • work necessary due to fire, flood, Acts of God, war, acts of terrorism or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Volvo;
  • repairs necessary as a result of failing to service the Vehicle in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or your failure to meet your obligations/responsibilities as set out herein;
  • vehicle recovery, towing or other related travel costs;
  • service or maintenance work of non-genuine Volvo parts or accessories; and
  • any other check or item not included in the VSP Certificate.

5. Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Vehicle is presented at a Participating Volvo Dealer during normal working hours for servicing at each of the Service Intervals.. If you miss any Service Interval, additional work may be identified which is not included in Volvo Service Plan.

You must also:

(a) comply with the instructions in the Volvo Owner’s Service Booklet and take steps to minimise any Vehicle damage in the event of Vehicle defect or failure; and

(b) maintain, operate and use the Vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and within the specified operating limitations.

6. General

Volvo Service Plan applies in addition to any statutory rights or remedies that you may have, including under the Australian Consumer Law. These Terms and Conditions do not in any way exclude, restrict, limit or modify those rights or remedies. Any rights and benefits which you enjoy in terms of the new vehicle warranty conditions will not be affected by the provisions of Volvo Service Plan.

The carrying out of work/service on the Vehicle under Volvo Service Plan may result in the loss of any user generated data electronically stored within the Vehicle (including data, songs or files stored on the Vehicle’s hard drive). Please ensure that you have made a copy of any such data in an alternative media before delivering the Vehicle for any work under Volvo Service Plan.

These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. Amendments will be published on the Volvo website www.volvocars.com/au and will take effect immediately on publication.

7. Further information

For further information, please contact your Participating Volvo Dealer or Volvo Customer Care on 1300 787 802 or Email: owners.australia@volvocars.com

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